Thursday, 6 November 1862

Sent 2nd half of note, No. ― QW ― 95527 ― to Ellen.

Horrible dark fog & rain all day. Bright Smith is better. ―

Saw Gush, & resolved on taking the ground floor for one year. ―

At 2 went to Bickers & Bush, Roberson, Insurance, Keed, McLean, &c. ― paying bills ― & buying odds & ends ― till 3. Then walked to Brompton, & saw Fanny Coombe: returning by 5.30, in a cab.

Dined alone at home.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]



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2 responses to “Thursday, 6 November 1862

  1. Louis Profeta

    Type of man you love, he swims in gentle truths much needed in a world gone astray from the simple and freeing truth and complicated has taken the crown. I need a transfer of the powers that be in undercurrents below vision and bravery, one thing Mr. Lear was brave on his walking path.

  2. Louis Profeta

    The feelings of people was getting beyond my understanding, they, the people, were confused and in a state of fear, I began seeking The Strawberry Fields my youth I had sung about, flowers were about a simple truth without any answers expected for there very being of simple measures, I wanted to search for that reverse of mind being in the soft quicksand declining from the light of day. In order to believe questioning must dissolve and a knowing belief will appear like a sunrise, please this is not a prayer, it is my truth clearing the misty day.

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