Tuesday, 28 October 1862

Very dark

Much bother’d by this new change of lodgers ― & the Slavy=oppression of the Coopers by Gush. Too dark to work. A lad, with his drawings, called from Archibald Peel. Dickensons fixed in the Beachy Head & the small Philæ. ― Called to see if Mr. Clarkes house were to let ― but unluckily it was let 2 months ago only! ― so there is what I lost by not calling.

At 2 ― called on Mr. Pickersgill: to ask him if he intended to sell his house. ― I thought him much softened from of old. He said he would ˇ[be] 80 year old next month: & shewed me many portraits &c. ― I don’t know what to do ― on the poor Coopers’ account.

Anyhow, τώρα[1] ― i.e. at present, I did nothing.

Grenfell did not come at 4 ― or 3.30. as he said he would.

(Bright Smith, by Dr. Hewitt proposing to bring a Coadjutor, seems to me worse. ―)

I sate some time with him, & at 6, went out. Called on the Hansens. Christian Hansen is as always a good man. Rosina is grown a great girl of 12. “Crissy” is at Brussels. Good Hansen would call up Mrs. H. ― O me

― this she ‘resembles.’ ―――

Tried to dine at Blue Posts ― but it was full. ― Rain ― so I came home, & T. Cooper got me some cold beef. ― (First, I sate with B. Smith.) The Organ below is dreadful καὶ στοχάζομαι νὰ ἀναχωρίζω.[2]

[1] Now, at present (NB).

[2] I am thinking of leaving (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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