Monday, 27 October 1862

Fine early. rose at 7.

Letters from Lady W. ― very kind. Mrs. Rawson ― enclosing 21£ ― & T.G. Baring ― all nice.

Went at 11 to Maclean’s, & was φotographed twice.

Then, at 12 ― walked to Routledge’s, & it seems, am to be paid £200 ― next or this week. ― Tired.

Sate a bit with Bright Smith, & to Gush.

At 4.30 or 5 ― came J.B. Edwards ― whom I was glad to see. ――

At 7. dined with him at the J.W.S. Club. very pleasantly ― except that there is so much noise. J.B. seemed to me more lively & like himself ― & presently I heard ― Miss L. ― is to be married next week ― to one William Melville. I wish him joy of her! ― It seems, James had, (as I expected ―) began the game again ― & she alternately led him on, or snubbed him, ― At last so distinctly as to make him ask for his letter which she ― !!! ―― has been receiving constantly. This she took no notice of ― so he went on ―when lo! Earl R. writes ― begging him from desisting from attentions &c. ― disagreable to his step daughter! ――― (a kindly letter tho ― & nicely indited.) To which, J. wrote back, he would do so ― if Earl R. would use his influence in getting her to send back his letters &c. In 5 days afterwards all were sent back. ――

And so ― happily it ends. A heartless nasty woman. ― Mannie Drummond “cried” & Mrs. D. ― a dreadful little woman, did all she could to shew they were not in fault, which indeed, no one ever thought they were.

Home by 10.40.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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