Sunday, 26 October 1862

Dull & wet early: fine after 12.

Greek till 12. Sate a bit with poor Bright Smith. Walked to Sir Henry Woolff’s & sate a bit there. ――

Then called on A. Peel: out. At 3 to Mrs. Farquhar’s, out. To Miss Percy ― at home ― & sate some time with her ― a really nice woman. Then on Mrs. Robinson ― & lastly, walked in the Square Gardens with Mrs Clive. Home by 6.15.

(Passing down Park Lane, a cab, turning into Hereford St. stopped ― & Daddy Hunt got out. He was going to call on me: & then to his Mother: & one or two more: being here for some hours ― & going back to Ockham. ― My dead Daddy does not seem to me to fo on happily ― but I do not know. Neither do I blame him.)

At 7.20 ― Adml. Robinson. Mrs. R. very unwell ― & could not dine. Wit Adml. T. I passed a very pleasant hour, ― & upstairs, with both, ― 2 others ― equally so. They are singularly “simpatico” people to me ― & always were so. A vast enjoyment of the beautiful in nature ― a hard self denying application to duty ― a “horror of darkness” & English climate ― & many other points of parallel. ――

At 10.20. came away. Cab home.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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