Saturday, 25 October 1862

Asthma better. Bright early. Finished the Beachy Head. No letters. Worked hard also at the small Philæ ― & finished it ― also at Olympia, & a small Dead Sea.

Sam Clowes came. (When Henrietta C. was about to marry Mr. Lyle ― (?) the widower of 3 wives &c. ― Mrs. Strange, always gauche ― wrote to congratulare her thus, You are greatly to be admired for your “benevolent undertaking.” Whereat Henrietta was disgusted. S.W.C. also told me of a letter Tidd Pratt had just shewn him ― (T.P. being the head of certain savings banx ―) from a member of a savings bank, who complained of the other members. The writer said, ― “I told them if they went on so, I’d inform Tidd Pratt. But they called out “B――r Tidd Pratt, ― what do we care for him. Tidd Pratt is a b――d fool: & you may go from us & kick his Ass ―” sic ― &c. &c. ――― & all this to Tidd Pratt himself.

At 4.30 walked out. Letters from Mrs. Clive, Mrs. Howard, & Mrs. Farquhar. Looked absurdly, at a house in [Rupile] Square ― & then went to the friendly good Bergmanns’ ― where I staid to dine, & passed a pleasant evening. They are regular good people.

Home by 10.30. Greek till

Finished my 4th book of the Iliad.

Garibaldi is getting weaker.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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