Wednesday, 22 October 1862

Wet all day till 4. ― Very muggy & wretched.

Rose a t7. Letter ― sad enough ― from Daddy H. Wrote to him, & in the course of the day also to

Giorgio Cocáli ―
Mrs. Greville-Howard.
Mrs. Rawson.
C. Fortescue.

C.F. breakfasted with me at 9.30. Much talk. As he was going, came F.L. But C.F. had appointments, & could only go into the W.C. ― Immediately afterwards came Lord Kirkwell ― furious about the Judge question: so I had to shut him up in the room with F.L. while I smuggled C.F. out. ― very absurd. ― C.F. bought the Thermopylæ for 120. gs.

Finished Athens, Gethsemane, & Parnassus. And at 4 walked out. (The new lodger below has no end of Organs & music.) Could not find Clowes. ― Saw good little Col. Hornby ― alas! so old! ―

Called at Macleans & Foord’s ― & W. Nevills. Only Miss Susan Head & Ralph at home, but W.N. shortly came in ― looking very ill. Dined with them: & afterwards, long talk with W.N. O dear poor foolish friend! ― Willie, it seems, is to marry a Miss Flight. But poor W.N. is, it seems to me, half engaged to that Miss James!!! ―― Long talk with Miss Head afterwards, ― who does not like her. ―

It is all very muddly.

Walked home by 10.30. ―Found that Clowes had called, & J. Edwards: & a letter from Mrs. Prescott.

Anyhow, events enough in today!!!!

Lady Frederick Bentwick ― aet. 76 ― died yesterday at Bath.

at Storrs, Mr. ˇ[Col.] Bolton’s ― in 1834 ― was the first time I ever saw her: Wordsworth was there, & the old Earl & Countess Lonsdale.[1]

She had a kind of social amiability, ― but was so narrow & vulgar a Tory, that she could conceive no person to be [humam] or Xtian who was not a Tory. ― In after days ― in Rome ― this disgusted me ― as I did not know why I was bound to hear venom & rubbish.

The old Archbp. of York wished her to marry G.H. Harcourt.

[1] Continues at the bottom of the next page.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]

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