Tuesday, 21 October 1862

Fine all day but very cold.

Having got a complete chill yesterday, I was regularly ill all day ― & could do nothing but lie on 2 chairs ― & with Greek now & then.

No one came ― except that the ancient 1852 Thermopylæ was bought.

At 6 ― walked to Digby Wyatts

Afterwards sang. (Dr. Thurmnam came in.) ―

All the evening passed most pleasantly. I am always oofil happy at the D. Wyatts.

Of Trelawny ― he has 2 daughters living ― & one son. The eldest one died last year, & the 2nd is dying now at Falmouth. His wife ― (a divorced Lady Goring,) does not live with him ― but each live at times with remaining children. The eldest girl is married to a Brazilian Doctor, & is the daughter of the sister of Οδυσσεὺς.[1]

Lately ― T. talking republicanism with solito violenza ― one of the party asked him if he thought American results of republicanism were conductive to belief in his theories. Ὀ δὲ εἲπε[2] ―― “As you are no relation of mine, & not even a friend, what excuse have you for endeavouring to make me speak on a subject which you assuredly know is disagreable to me?”

[1] Odysseus.

[2] He replied (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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