Saturday, 18 October 1862

Pouring with rain, & pitchy dark ― εὒτε πίσσα.[1] Yet I worked from 9 to 12.30 at the Beachy Head. Count Corti came ― an agreable man. At 2.15 ― came to Rail, & at 3 off to Basingstoke, where at 4.20. found found the Hackwood Brougham. Only 2 lawyer=like men of Moab at Hackwood. All the Cardens, & Wally went today ― & the Metaxa’s some days back.

Lady W. at her worst. The Lord C. jolly & pleasant ― & Gussy al solito[2] an angel. After walking a bit we sate. ―


[Mr. Trower ?(I fancy some kind of Sectry.[)] Gentm. Of Chamber]

After dinner, the Lord C. began ― apropos of climate, began to discourse of Tubercles, ― & then the Liver complaint ― wondrously well ― for ¾ of an hour: ἔπειτα[3] on Slavery ― up to 9.30 or later, when we “joined the Ladies” ― Lady W. being in bed some time. I talked with dear little Gussie.

To hear the Lord C.’s sentences ――――

“That expectoration  which is ordinarily healthy ― floats: that which contains pus, the contents of Tubercules infected by animalculæ ― sinks. ―― Pus ― this is the test ― sinks. pus ― sinks.”

― & again about the bladder in the liver ― “which contains horrid disgusting, frightful & spider like monster, all legs & arms, ― self generated, but wholly innocuous.” ―――

[1] Literally “like pitch,” hence “pitch-black” (NB).

[2] As usual.

[3] Then.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3. Image.]


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