Sunday, 5 October 1862

Fine & clear all day. But I slept till 9. ―

Breakfast: & afterwards ― talk till 12 or 1 with Mrs. G.S. ― reading Hood’s memoirs at intervals.[1] Lunch & afterwards, walked with G.S. to Ore ― seeing a new house, all that world being now built over.

Came to Fairlight, & the Clive Vale Farm & called at the Neans. All that farm is bought, & the whole to be built over. ― Saw the poor Mrs. Nean, & Nean, who are going “hard times it is Sir.” said the man of milk & Earrings. So I thought of 1832. & down the hill & across & up ― the filthy little cur my only drawback. For indeed I think far more than those with [a suppose]. ― And the great broad clear=slanting downs thereafter, furze spotted ―: sloping to the west sun, where below him are Eastbourne & the dear Round town ― & all long Carmel-like Beachy ―― ― so it was, & is & shall be for a time. ―

Returned at 5.30. ― At 6 dined. ――

Dinner as usual good ― but the worry & unquiet of the dog disgusts me. ― And I played afterwards till that broke me up. And at coffee ― a frightful discussion about kilts: my poor dear friend Mr. G.S. is sadly the worse for her Pitnacree visit, of which & of Cobden there is no pause or ceasing.

Bed at 10.

Finally ― I come no more  to this golden shore, where we strayed in days of old.

[1] Probably Memorials of Thomas Hood, edited by Frances F. Broderip, 2 vols. London: Edward Moxon & Co, 1860.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]



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2 responses to “Sunday, 5 October 1862

  1. Sara Lodge

    Fairlight (a place in Sussex) rather than Fanlight

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