Important News

You may have noticed that for the last two days my eyes and my brain have sometimes been at odds, the latter not being able to make sense of what the former saw.

4 October
Went to their house, & saw little Alice M. & walked again with her father: a man I always [a bore not loved][.] ?

5 October
For indeed I think far more than those with [a suppose]. ?????

Now you have an opportunity to help me reconcile my disconnected faculties. Houghton Library has published scans of the whole diaries online: here is the list of volumes with links.

I will be adding links to the single scanned spreads to every post from now on (and will try to update past entries too) so that you can correct my transcripts: you can either write your notes in the comments or e-mail me at marco dot graziosi at gmail dot com.

Try  with the image for the above nonsense transcripts here.

Thanks for your help!

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One response to “Important News

  1. Peter Byrne

    Good for them and their unlimited institutional resources. However, your pioneering labour of love will always have pride of place in Lear studies. It was a one-man effort like Lear’s own.

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