Saturday, 4 October 1862

Rose at 8. ― Letters from Julia Goldsmid, F.L. W. Lusington, & Mary Wentworth.

Utterly undecided as to what I shall do, ― to come here, or not. for 3 or 4 weeks.

Wrote to W. Lushington & Miss Wentworth.

Breakfast ― (I find that a Lady Hancock, (Dora W. ―) used to visit about here, & they have often seen her.) After wh.: ― papers, & talk with Mrs. S. Went at 12 to the Crakes: & saw Edwd. Van, Mrs. C. & poor old Mr. C. ― he gradually ceasing to live.

Returned, ― to lunch. Mrs. Papillon called.

Walked out at 2.30 with Mrs. G.S. & called at the W.S. ― & then walked with Mrs. G.S. on the East Hill: but the nasty little new dog barked so, we could not talk.

Returning ― set out alone  to walk ― but saw Captn. Louis & later, C. Massingberd ―with his cousin. Went to their house, & saw little Alice M. & walked again with her father: a man I always [a bore not loved][.]

Returned to Pelham Palace by 6. ― At 7. Dinner. Edwd. Crake only.

E.C. (or rather E.N.C.) talked of riches ― & not of poverty, & later he was very absurd about about Orthodoxy & the Gk. Church ― &c. A silly but well-meaning priest.

Bed at 11.

But I have now decided: I cannot live any more at Hastings.

“We come no more, to that” &c.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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