Wednesday, 1 October 1862

Left the kind Hunts at 9.30. Whydah Birds. Garden talk[,] paid B.H.H. 5£. Rail to Eastbourne. Sussex Hotel, & got a good-[siged] room: but the place seemeth all forlorn.

Unpacked & lunch. Wrote to Mrs. Scrivens & T. Cooper.

Set out towards Beachy Head. ― Associations ― 1846 ― 1855. Happy autumn fields. Cliffs. Long painful walk over shingles. Wonderful beauty of the cliffs at the Head. Drew. Tide rising. Up to hill to Coast Guard House ― where I got a glass of water ― civil women. Gave 6 pence. ― Walked to edge of cliffs ― 2 fine views. drew one ― & drawing the 2nd ― respectable man came & asked about rocks & other countries, saying he had read Mr. Lear’s books on Albania &c. ― whereon, I looked up & he said ― ‘O Sir, I am Sir W. James’s Butler ― & have seen you at Whitehall Gardens. Afte wh. he asked me to join his wife & his Luncheon of bread & cheese & porter, which I did joyfully & pleasantly.

Walked slowly down to Eastbourne, & leaving my book at the Inn, wandered about the town till 6.30.

Got “Widow Barnaby”[1] from the Library, & dined at 7 ― not badly: the people are obliging but slow.

Remember Sir W. James’s Butler.


[1] One, or all, of the novels in Frances Trollope’s Barnaby Trilogy, The Widow Barnaby (1838), The Widow Married (1840) and The Barnabys in America (1843).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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