Friday, 26 September 1862

Fine all day. Rose at 7. ―

In a fit of energy, finished the 2 small Athos ― which I determined to give to Mrs. Leake; ― & the Gethsemane ― for Miss Wentworth of Woolley. ― At 4. took home Mr. Ridley’s small Athos: & walked to Holman Hunt’s: he just going off to Ockham, so I drove back to Apsley House with him. He seems unhinged & unsettled, poor fellow. The I walked across the Park, to hear something of Crakes, but a stupid woman at the house could tell me nothing. Returning, I took Mrs. Leakes Athos, & Miss Wentworth’s Gethsemane to Foords. ―

A letter from Ellen ― very painful about Boswell. ― Returned  at 6.30. Gush has let the 2 rooms below me, & is going down to the first floor & the new study. I am sorry ― for new people are a bore often.

Did some Greek till 7. then to dine at Mr. Hankey’s.

Dinner good. Wines remarkably so. Society pleasant, the old Mr. Bathurst a queer old tory cove ― said “oblige,” & talked of the “Campiniglia” of Florence. Later a story of his of Lady Jersey, who would ask Mr. Irving to a party immediately after his sermon, ― forcing her wqay into his room when he was lying down in his shirt & trousers. ― I sang somewhat.

ἡμέραι ερατειναὶ.[1] ―

Home by 11. Greek till 11.30.

The Boswell affair distresses me.


[1] Lovely days (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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