Thursday, 25 September 1862

XX8 ― Ἂψs[1] ― back again. ―

No letters. Dark & foggy morning. Packed the 2 Prescott Corfus ― & paid Dickenson 29.11 ― being the whole of last year’s bill: ― (wishing there were no more to pay.)

Rain & darkness ― out & in.

Worked at the Corfu Photograph ― really all day.

Lawson came & gave me 2 10£ commissions ― And later, Mrs. Hankey called.

At 5 ― went to Maclean’s about the retouched φώτογραφ, which I left: & went on to Digby-Wyatts, where I saw Mrs. D.  & D. &, it being 6 ― took a cab home. Went to F.L.’s to dine, at 7.

Pleasant, quiet, & intellectual. Mrs. F. is a wee too authoritative at times ― wh. is Park-Housian: ― but on the whole they seem happy. Dinner nice: wine super=good. ― Afterwards ― I sang, &, as it happened, particularly well. ―

Καλὰ, ὂνειρος εἶναι ἡ ζωή μας.[2]

Home by 11[.]

[1] Nina Bouri notes that “Ἂψ in Homer’s Greek means backwards or back again, though being an adverb it doesn’t have a plural and it shouldn’t have an -s at the end.” I suspect Lear meant “Ass,” or even “[I was] an ass again.”

[2] Good, our life is a dream (NB)


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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