Tuesday, 23 September 1862

Gray ― or bright at times ―― fine all day. Rose before 7 ― Greek till 8. ―

Letters from, F.L. ― Mrs. Prescott & Ellen,

Wrote to F.L. ― Sir J. Simeon, Mrs. W. Ransom, Ellen,

Worked at the Prescott Corfus, & looked over drawings to send.

C. Fortescue came ― & we had no end of talk about the new state of things ― wh. however is confided to so many that I doubt it’s remaining unknown till Xmas ― particularly as old Bonasus G.W. knows it. The dismissal of Judges at Corfu also occupied us & much else.

It seems, Boswell has been here, as well as to Ellens. At 5 ― called on A. Peel ― & Mrs. [Hankey], & Macleans, ordering dinner at the Blue Posts, where, at 7.30, I & C.F. dined. ― a merry & pleasant 3 hours,

& perhaps the last Blue Postious’ dinner we may ever have together. I told him this ― & by degrees he thought so too.

Home by 11, & did some Greek.


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