Sunday, 21 September 1862

Gray ― & cool; Rose at 6. Greek till 8. Letters from Mrs. Campion, & 2 from C. Fortescue: the first concerning Marcoran, & the 2nd to say that Frances Lady W. has accepted him. But no word is to be said of the matter till 1863 ― & there she is right enough. Whereby, ἆς σιωπῶμεν.[1] ――― Breakfast. ― & at 10.15 ― walk to Barlavington Church. vastly rustic & small ― but the preacher, (a lame Rev. Brown ―) read well & was not disagreable. The remembrance of early church ― & in Sussex ― do me a deal of vexation. Leaving Mrs. T.F. & Miss H. ― we walked back by a pretty trout stream.

Poor Chichester F. must be happy enough now. ― Wrote to him. & to F.L. ― & T. Cooper & Mrs. Campion.

Lunch. (What I suffer here from currents of air! ― There is a kind of helter skelter way of open door & window life ― frightful to my [feelins].) After lunch, showed drawings: ― how difficult it is to ensure or enforce, or conserve attention! ― Scatteriness is a deadly foe to collected attention on every subject. Yet I do not like to exclude children ― whom of all creatures are the most interesting: nor do I like to be tyrannic & exactful: ― yet, not being ˇ[to be] so at all is to beget certain failure in showing drawings. ― At 3. we all walked out ― going to kennels & cottages &c. ― & then by the park, & wonderful old trees & avenues: & home by 5. ― When I set out again ― at 5.30 ― pacing up the avenues, & going along the road to the mill ― a wondrously beautiful place. ― Dinner at 7. The 3 older children dined with us. ― I never saw ― & can never see ― anything like the 2 deaf & dumb ones. ―――― Afterwards ― conversation was amazingly dull. George F. speaks of “pikes” always ― & is wholly foolish. & heaviness generally prevails. In the drawing room, Mrs. F. & Miss H. were tired ― & no wonder. Little consideration is given to them, who sit alone: ― nor, do they arrange work &c. &c. to be quit of man’s bothers.

At 10. they left. Alisson Mrs. T. Fairbairn is very undoubtedly one of the real beautiful souled women ―― I rank her only 2nd to Emily Tennyson. ―

I wonder if I ought to talk more? but I can’t.

This must be “ironing.”[2]


[1] Let us keep silent (NB).

[2] Apparently written with a different pen. The picture of the dinner seats appears in the page for 20 September.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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