Friday, 19 September 1862

Gray early ― but a most lovely day all through.

Rose before 6. Greek  & letters till 9. Letters from the Φόφφη, & from F.L. ― Marcoran has ceased to be Judge!!!!!!!!!!![1] ―

Sent T.’s letter to C.F. & wrote also to Dickenson ― F.L. ― Mrs. Wyatt, Mrs. G. Scrivens, & Mrs. Shakespear besides to  Mr. Wentworth ― & Mr. Edwards &c.

After breakfast ― unpacked the Florence ― & repacked the Turin ― to go back to Foords.

Later, W. Fairbairn came, & we all walked about ― from [][2] to 1.30. Then lunch, & all the children. The 2 eldest ˇ[(deaf & dumb)] are the sweetest & most touching little creatures. || (A Niggledy-piggledy style of domesticity prevails here ― abstract housemaids prevailing in the rooms at 3. P.M.)

At 3.30. we went off ― Mr. F & Miss Hartley ― the 2 deaf & dumb ― Reginald & I, in a break. ― below the hills ― (meeting the Bps. Of Oxford & Cape Town! ―) ― & going on to the Down, where we walked for a time ― to 5.20. ―

The joy of the παιδία[3] none can express. ―

I walked back ― by 6.45.

Dinner ―

Singing: & bed at 11.

[1] Sir George Marcoran served as one of the supreme judges in the Ionion Islands from 1840 until 1862, when he was not reappointed, probably on political grounds, by the Lord High Commissioner, Sir Henry Stork; see Four Years in the Ionian Islands. Their Political and Social Condition. Ed. Viscount Kirkwall. London: Chapman and Hall, 1864. Vol 1, pp. 271-276

[2] Illegible.

[3] Children (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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