Wednesday, 3 September 1862

Rose at 8. having slept profound.

Gray all day ― & raining at times. Breakfast. The Huttons are a merry lot. Letters from

George Kokali ― (written by himself & satisfactory.)
Gio. Παραμυθιόττι. ― acknowledging [the ’] ―
Julia Goldsmid ― goes abroad to day!
Mrs. Robinson ―――― ditto tomorrow! (wrote to her.)

After breakfast ― shewed drawings ― & a Mr. & Mrs. Eyre came. Lunch ― very merry. Walked with M.H. to Knaith, ― & gardens, & the village, & cottages. He is a good lad. ―

Billiard room ―: how queerly idle are many here! ―― & organ playing by Moreland H. ― going over the house with Mrs. H. ― And at 7. dinner. Perpetual fun ― from all 4 of the family: ― & this, combined with the gravity of the servants half killed me by suppressed laughter. Not but what we all laughed out preposterously  at times. ― I can’t recollect to have laughed so for years. ―

After dinner, I played & sang a bit, ― but lo! they all fell asleep! ― laughter again. ― & then talk & extreme laughter till 10.30. when bed.

I absolutely laughed for 20 minutes after I came upstairs. The boy Edmund could upset the whole day of judgement[.]

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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