Tuesday, 2 September 1862

Rising early ― 6.30. ― gray ― misty. ―


Before breakfast came the Wilmots, who with Miss W. looked at drawings. Then, at 10. prayers: & breakfast & after that, came George W. the second son ―: they told me he had “fallen on the stove ― or grate” ― & his face was dreadful to see. I have an impression he may have had epileptic fits. Yet, in speaking, tho’ his voice was strange, he was gentlemanlike, & full of interest in what he saw. There is great sadness in this house, evidently: yet the old gentleman wished me good-bye most cordially ― & said “come again, & stay a fortnight ―”: ― & shook hands warmly ― for him. (I made a drawing of his mother from Hoppner’s picture at 7.) Anne Wentworth is gentle ladylike, & spirituelle: ― but with a sad overcast of cloud ―: Godfrey, amiable & passive. George ― evidently a sufferer. ― So, at, 11.35. I came away from Woolley, the house of “Mrs. Wentworth.” Fly to Wakefield ― by 12.30 ― There I saw “Garibaldi’s capture” &c. ― in the bills. ―

At 12.50 ― off. A young Spaniard only co=traveler. 2.10 ― at Retford ― where I lunched & wandered till 4 ― then rail again to Gainsbro! & thence, a fly to Gate Burton, ― expensive ― 10/. ―

The house is rather pretty=comfortable: ― all the 4 Hutton’s at home. Walked about with Moreland H. & his brother. ―

Dinner. ― Evening slow, but they are kindly good folk. Piano out of tune & useless ― & it is not easy to look long at Mrs. H.’s copies of Leech’s Punch woodcuts. O amiable dwellers! ― abstain from showing me so many things. ― yet I must abide here to=morrow. ―

Finally the 2 ἀδελφοί ἐκοιμήθησαν.[1] ― Bed at 10.20.


[1] The 2 brothers fell asleep (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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