Saturday, 30 August 1862

Rose at 6. At 7 it began to rain. ― At 7.30. Breakfast at Mrs. E.’s ― by John’s case ― at 8. off in bus. 8.30. Rail to Scarborough by 9. There I went to an Inn, & got a 2nd breakfast ― waiting till rain ceased. Then I got a guide, & saw (!) Selous’s[1] picture of Jerusalem! ― After that I walked in the Spa Gardens ― really extremely splendid & beautiful: ― & all across the town to the Castle Cliff ― & back to the Railway by 1 ― where lunched, & at 2.30. off again. A dreary wet day ― & dark. At York by 4 ― & off to Normanton ― where ― at 5.11. changed, & off to Wakefield ― there by 5.30. In a fly ― off to Woolley ― & at 6.30 arrived there ― old Eliza better, woody Park ― deer &c. ― Godfrey Wentworth ― courteous: hall staircase & Library: barking dog Trap, likeness to Mr. & Mrs. W. ― Upstairs, & dressed: & dining soon. Very odd remembrances of Wilton Place, ― the world is certainly small, & time ― all time ― “only a minute.” Son ― pare, manca testa;[2] ― daughter, pleasing, & reminding me of Mary W. Dinner good & solid & pleasant: it is well to be forced to these new phases of life. Mr. W. had written again to beg me to stay over Monday ― so I must do so. Letters (from Hutton, & Mrs. Clive, the last enclosing 52.10.0.)

Henry Courtney Selous, Jerusalem in her Grandeur

Evening ― played & sang. To bed at 11.

[1] Henry Courtney Selous (1803-1890) painted two pictures of Jerusalem, “In her Grandeur” and “In her Fall” according to Selous’ Two Grand Pictures of Jerusalem. Boston: Elliot, Blakeslee & Noyes, 1872 (Goodle Books).

[2] No head, it seems.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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