Saturday, 23 August 1862

Quite fine all day ― very lovely Autumn weather.

Rose at 5.30 ― & from 6 to 8.30. worked at Homer. Very pleasant quiet morning ― at the window over the flower Garden. At 8.30. walked about the terraces. 9.5. Prayers ― rather lengthy & complicated. Breakfast with Lord & Lady W. cheerful & pleasant. ― Afterwards ― drew ― attempting a copy of Valley of Josaphat, till 2: ― but did not draw well. ― Lunch ― & all 6 of the children, & Miss Cunningham the Governess. And after that, Book of Nonsense with the merry little folk. ― Then, at 3, came 112 of the schoolchildren with flags & music, & long tables were set out for tea. There were races &c. &c. ― & later, all at tea. A really pretty sight, & it is beautiful to see how well the [Lawleys] join in helping  the children: Lady W. was indefatigable in prize giving & joining games. Every one seems to like them. Two daughters of the Archbp. of York were there, ἀλλὰ, δὲν ἢξευρα ποίαι ἧσαν.[1] ― Afterwards, were other games, ―― but at 6.30. I found it damp & came in.

No one at dinner. Alarm about the mouse afterwards. Discorso ― magro e poco.[2] ―

Afterwards ― talk with Lady W. ― who showed me no end of the Library &c. &c.

bed at 11.30 ― or 11.45.


[1] But I didn’t know who they were (NB).

[2] Talk ― slight and not much.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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