Saturday, 16 August 1862

Fine. 6 to 8. ― 9 to 3 pouring rain ―: rest of day, dismal gray.

Did some Greek from 6 to 7.30. Breakfast at 7.45. The Parrots, & dogs. At 8. came C. Buxton: ― kindly fellow. Off ― in a small poney chaise: ― by the well=known “woody places” & lanes, to Weybridge Station, which I reached but just in time. ― London at 10 ― i.e. Stratford Place. Wrote various letters. ― Day, horribly dark, & what little I painted on the “Florence,” was all wrong. Resolved to go to Routledges ― & at 1.30. went there in a cab. Saw Mrs. [Walne] only.

Affari ― come prima, si puo dire.[1]

Walked back. The National Gallery & Turner. ― Mr. Maclean &c. ― Home by 3.30. when I soon started out again for Waterloo. ― At Putney by 4.30 ― & a fly to Clarence. ― Mrs. Prescott & Mrs. Decie came in later. ( two persons, Mrs. Giffs & Miss G. being there.) Dinner ―

Sang a good deal after dinner ― all very pleasant. ― And latest ― smoked with Spring Rice & Mr. Prescott in that cold Conservatory. Bed at 12.


[1] Business ― as usual, one can say.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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