Sunday, 10 August 1862

No rain ― gloomy gray all day.

Rose at 6.30. Homer till 8.30. walk in garden till 10.

Breakfast ― tolerably cheery: ― but I am seldom quite at ease & happy here ― tho’ I really don’t know why.

Afterwards ― read: & sate with C.F. (Woolff is to be Sir D.W.) walked with him afterwards: ― then sate with the whole party ― having inter=placed some more Homer. Lunch. Talk not pretty ― blood ― bones &c. &c. ―― After lunch ― set out with Mr. Stepney & walked thro’ Bushy Park to Haughton Court. Vast crowd of people ― 10 or 12000 ― each Sunday. Very splendid gardens. I have not been there since with J.B.H. in the days preceding the fuss with L.P. ― & his marriage. Returned by 6. ― Homer again till 7.

Um. ……… Dinner ―――― lively.

After dinner more social than Χθὲς.[1] ― X4

C.F. came to my room ― μέγα ἀγορεύοντος.[2]

Bed at 12.30.

[1] Yesterday (NB).

[2] Speaking grandly (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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