Tuesday, 5 August 1862

Fine all day ― a shower or two only.

Rose at 7. Dickenson came at 10. Sent Cooper with Sir F. Goldsmid’s cheque to Drummond’s ― & sent them orders to pay Bouverie ― (Thermopylæ.) ˇ[(60£)] ― Taylor ˇ[(27-9-)] ― & Dickenson (14.7.6. ―)

Worked at the Clives Colossi ― not ill.

Mrs. Boyd, & a brother of Boyds came: she is always cheerful & pleasant.

Later, Octavius, Mrs. & Miss Smith, who were all verypleasant. Miss Smith is exactly like poor Gerard.

Later ― at 5.30. Godfrey Lushington ― & later ― John Edwd. Cross.

Cross seems to me to age greatly: but he is always the same kindly fellow. ― He & Passey are off to Switzerland tomorrow.

At 7.20 ― went to Buonpusi & bought a copy of my “Nonsense” for Leigh’s little boy.

Dasent’s[1]  tales for Charley Boyd.

Read Dasent. Afterwards Homer.


[1] George Webbe Dasent’s  A Collection of Popular Tales from the Norse. Edinburgh: Edmonston & Douglas, 1859.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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