Friday, 25 July 1862

Rose at 7 ― The finest day of this summer.

Actually no rain! & a kind of sunshine all day.

No one came, but a Mr. Stanley, from Lady Strangford. I worked at figures for Florence & Ιωάννινα ― but grew dreadfully tired & sad. & at 6 walked to the Martineaus ― where I dined.

Evening pleasant. A Mr. Deffell played well. Bob walked mostly home with me by 11. I begin fearfully to weary of this life. ―

Homer till past 12 ― & finished the 1st Book of the Iliad!!!

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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One response to “Friday, 25 July 1862

  1. A typical, mildly interesting, if somewhat exiguous entry. It would be illuminating to know if any of the thousands of people with whom E. L. dined also kept a diary and to compare what they said about the same occasion. Obviously, it would take a lot of work to try to find out. Would the additional entry not more than double our sense of Lear and his time?

    In his commonplace book (New York: Viking, 1970), W. H. Auden remarks on the fate of the obscure in diaries, citing the instance of a Mr. Ansfrere, mentioned in someone\’s notes; Mr. A may have had many excellent qualities but has come down to posterity as only a bad host. What about Mssrs. Stanley and Deffel? What has Lear chosen not to notice that others may have? Etc

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