Friday, 18 July 1862

Finer ― i.e. no rain ― & some sun, ――― all day!!!!!!!!!

Thank God a better day ― mentally & physically.

Tho’ I only rose at 7. ― yet I worked off & on at the Temple Corfu better than usual ― up to 4.30. A large party of Huttons came: ― & Marianne North with a friend. ― A nice letter from Emily Tennyson ― Tarrant, & Dickenson calling ― & a payment of £25. from Miss Goldsmid agreably spotted the day ― with intervals of Homer.

At 4.45. rushed out ― calling on Crake’s ― Mr. C. ― wonderful to say is better, & they are going out of town. ― to Mrs. Middleton’s ― (out:) ― & then, by the parx ― to Lady Simeon’s (― out ―) ― & so home by 7.15. ―

At 8. to T.G. Baring’s.

A thoroughly agreable dinner, & evening. Queer recollections of the W. Ashleys cum Cunningham at Rome! ― Afterwards ― singing: I ― a great lot. ― Mrs. C. Baring very sweetly. Sat smoking with T.G.B. till 12.

Cab home at 12.30. Homer till 2 A.M.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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