Saturday, 12 July 1862

Wet early ― rose at 7.

Sent Income Tax paper ― naming 250£ as average annual income, which I consider as just a sum as I can put down. Evidently I cannot consider the prices of the Cedars, Masada, &c. &c. ― all yet unsold ―as part of my income: & I haven’t deduced the colour & frame prices which must be paid.

Worked unconsecutively on the 2 Corfû. ―

T. Baring & his sister came, ― they are honest, kindly folk.

At 1 ― Lord & Lady Colville, Major Colville, & Major Catheart ― all pleasant ― & the latter particularly interesting. Showed Albanian drawings, &c. till 3.30.

At 4 ― came to Victoria Station ― & at 5 off ― & at 6 ― arrived at Shoreham Station. No end of people all going to Mildmay’s ― who was there, & is tant [sont] peu careless & swelly ― but he don’t mean it.

Shoreham House a pretty place ― & we walked about the Terrace Garden ― but it threatened rain:

Story of Norman McDonald, who, dressing in a room adjoining the Drawing room ― could not get his breeches ― & at the [entremets] unable to bear the loss ― rushed out into the Drawing room, saying ― will no one bring me my breeches?

Story of Sir W. Middletons oak floors ― & a ―― Frenchman with a wooden leg, who horrified the [Bt.] “Mais votre jambe! asseyez vous [donc] mon ami, j’ai peur che [sic] vous ne tombez pas” ― &c. ― Next morning the Frenchman stumped about more than ever, & Sir W. was more anxious in proportion. ― Ne vous en fachez point mon cher, j’ai pris un clou, et je l’ai [sous] fait attacher.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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