Thursday, 10 July 1862

Rose before 6. Very fine early. Cloudy at 12.

Yesterday came an Income Tax paper ― about which I consulted Gush, & Daddy: ― and I have filled up the statement of my average income of £250. ― The paper states ― “what I gain from my profession at 15 Stratford Place: ― & I deduct the money for frames colours &c.: ― allowing for my necessity of living abroad on account of health ― & the irregularity of annual gain. Whatever I gain at Corfu ― I spend there ― indirectly paying the taxation there too.

This year I have had ―


Commissions, & nothing else sure, although I may have to borrow money for bills & shall be obliged to pay before Xmas. If, by luck, I sell other pictures, those sums will go to the average 250 of next year, & even longer, ― for, if I go to Palestine in March I shall not work for many months.

Worked at the 2nd size Ascension Corfû.

At 3 ― came Major, & Mrs. Somers Cocks: ― then Foster & Mrs. Foster: then Mrs. Naylor & a niece, Julia, & Julia Goldsmid: the last of them went at 5. ―

At 6.45 ― to Wyatts.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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