Sunday, 6 July 1862

Gray ― & at times ― absolutely ― sunshine!

Rose at 6 ― Homer till 10. Breakfast. Lady G. & Sir F. ― & Miss J. Sir F.’s anger about the article in the Jewish Chronicle ― (4th) on Dr. L.’s judgment ― “Rabbi Joshua,” &c. &c. ―― Afterwards, saw Library &c. ― but boles being wrong, I was wholly unwell. Homer again till 1.40. Lunch.

Walk in garden with Lord & Lady Strangford &c. Lord S. [on] Greekdom: ― Lady S. ― & Mannerism. Walking with Sir F. & Lady G. ― till 4.30 ― when I called on, & saw Mrs. Archibald Peel: an oddish person  it seems to me. ―

Returned to St. John’s Lodge. Arrival of Miss Julia, & Mrs. Naylor. Toothache, & unwell.

Dinner ― varied talk & pleasant. Boxall on Buckle. Evening ― all talk. Miss J.G. on Athens ― Finlay ― Dragoman [Cagiotta], &c. Julia G. on [Madeira]. After all went, I & Sir G. talked ― Bed at 11. Nothing  can be kinder & pleasanter than all this family.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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