Tuesday, 1 July 1862

Gray ― sunless ― dry.

Ἀς ἀρχήσωμεν καλήτερον τοῦτον τόν μῆνα.[1]

Rose at 6.30 ― & painted Miss Goldsmid’s Corfu. ―

Foord’s people, & fixed in Majr. Reynolds’ little Corfu. ―

C. Fortescue came, & I read a 2nd letter from Lord C.: ― to my feeling ― as satisfactory as may be expected.

Then came John Harford: ― & then T.G. Baring. The former staid till 1. P.M. A good man is John B. Harford.

A letter from Giorgio, ― but being written by Spiro, ―not very satisfactory ― long winded &c. ἀσπασμουτεκὴ.[2] ― However I am glad he is well ― G. Kokali the faithful.

I worked a good deal all day long. At 3 or 4 came Major Reynolds & Miss Yates & were much pleased with their picture: they are kindly folk ― yet sad & as it were homeless. ― At 5.30 ― dressed to go out & took Majr. Reynolds’ Corfu to Foord’s. At Wyatt’s ― a pleasant & homelike family dinner: ― they are doubtless very good people ― & greatly to be liked ―

Afterwards sang a good deal: ― a quiet pleasant evening. ―

Home ― (walked!) by 11.


[1] Let us start this month better (NB).

[2] Nina writes: “maybe he meant ασπαστική i.e. friendly? But why say a friendly letter was not satisfactory and couple this with ‘long winded’?”

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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