Sunday, 29 June 1862

A sort of fine semi sunshine gray.

Rose at 7. Breakfast 9. ―――― Breakfasts don’t please me, never. ― Afterwards ― talk with G. & V.L.: &c. ― Did not go to church. Talk about the Essays & Reviews Judgment &c. &c. &c. At 12 ― 30. Dr. Lushington came ([having] dined at the Fox Club overnight,) ― the same cheerful kindly old gentleman ― like a man of 25 as to spirits, & modest demeanour  ― & yet he is 80. At 1.30. Lunch: a large & cheerful party. (Very pretty little girl, Ellen, from India.)

At 2. William & I set out to walk ― but the day had changed to dull gray ― & the long lanes & deadly narrow paths between  corn, tired me horribly. ― No light ― no shade. ― At East (Chaldon?) we went out Lord []’s park ― & were nearly kept there.

Later, I declined going up to the “down” (― for it rained) so we came home by Mr. Currie’s ― (West Horsly.) ― & were at Ockham by 6.50. ― Part of the way I was cross & weary.

Evening merry & pleasant ―: afterwards ― letters ― singing. Bed at 11[.]

The Doctor [late at]
Farnley ― &c. &c.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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