Friday, 27 June 1862


Rose at 7.30. ―――― Remaining frames came, & hanging of paintings.

G. Scrivens came. After that ― at 11 ― a note from C.F. begging me to go there at once ― & so I did. Lady C. τὸν εἲχε γράψει ἓν ἂσχημον γρᾶμμα[1] & sad talk was there thereon. The letter ― tho’ well meant, was violent & ill-judged. No good could by any possibility have come of it. ― C.F. will write ― & I wish he may do so calmly.

After all this I could do nothing.

At 3.30 Fairbairn called, ― & I think will have the Turin.

At 4.30. I cabbed to W. Evans’s & left a sketch for Mrs. Evans, ― for I broke one of their plates last night. Then I left notes for Mrs. Moon & Mr. Pinder ―

― Pouring rain. Met [Brandling].

Home by 5.30 ―: Bob Martineau then called.

At 6.30 to dine at W.N.’s ― but they didn’t till 7.30.

And ― the dinner went off very tolerably.

Then talk with the Misses Levick from Cairo on “Egypt” was wholly absurd: of the [Lieders] &c. &c. ― very “Levantine” & smashed English. ― Inconceivably ridiculous: ― speaking of a Nubian nurse ― “She was all gracious, & grand of her heart: & diverted her salary to her children.” After dinner, Miss L. played & sang very Levantinely: & shouted with delight at, “we fell out my wife & I.” ― Home by 12. Letters from

J. Simeon.
C. Fortescue.
& dear little Arthur[.]

[1] Had written him a bad letter (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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