Thursday, 26 June 1862


C. Cockburn called & I got the Thermopylæ.

Finished colouring all the 1860 sketches.

Mr. Edward & James, & Mr. Maclean called.

At 2, went out to the City, & left a note on Κ. Νάροκπος Μορφίνος: ― also saw James Salter. Returned ― & called on Mrs. Moon ― out ― & at 5.30 on Lady G. Grey, with whom talked & had tea. Lady Mary & Hon. Eleanor Stanley came in : ― in former days we used to call her “the white maggot” ― at Knowsley, & were snubbed for so doing.

Wrote to Mrs. W.F.B. that I had bought the Thermopylæ.

At 7 ― to the Evans’s: ― a mitigated party: for of the 12 or 15 invited few came. The Gisborne brothers went somewhere else ― “the Gladstones” (?) had not replied, ― & we waited till 8.15 & then sate down without Tom Taylor & Mrs. T.T. who however came with the fish. I thought him a bore ―: & her, far better in act than looks: she sang well, & scientifically ― I, against the grain & ill.

Walked back: aweary. ― Julia Goldsmid is returned ― & writes.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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