Sunday, 22 June 1862

Gray ― & Extremely cold all day: ――

Rose at 6.30 & made an Alphabet for the Decie Baby till 9.

Breakfast ― but I shivered with cold ― horrid! ― & my boles became miserable. ― The Decie baby is a delight of a child. After 11 ― I, Reilly (?) & Laurence walked by the river to Kew ― Vincent & Wolstenholme boating. ― Crossing the Green at Kew was dreadful to me ―: I seemed to see dear Ann at every step! How many sad faults of mine recur to me! yet ― happily ― none she felt as such. ― It is too ridiculous to suppose such a good angel was here for nothing! ― I shall see her again. ―

Returned thro’ Mortlake. The lunch ― at 1.30. ―very jovial hospitable folk! ―― After this ― I finished the baby Alphabet ― till 3.30: ― & then, sate on the lawn with this merry & pleasant family: & had tea in the Conservatory. And, later, a walk with Decies: & talk of the Sargents &c. ― &c. ―

Very pleasant & good dinner. & afterwards, I sang some AT. ―

The day has gone by pleasantly.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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