Saturday, 21 June 1862

Dull gray ― no sun is ever seen.

Foord’s people came to cover doors &c. &c. ―

Lady Clermont & another lady came  at 11. & just then C.F. also by chance ― who says the D. says he can’t speak of the Cedars to H.R.H. as he don’t care for pictures at all. Afterwards, Sir F. Goldsmid called. Then ― Hon. Charles Harris ― a nice fellow ― & bringing back memories of Corfû. ―― After the room was put in order, I called (at 4) on Mrs. Charles Harris, ― a pleasant nice woman. ― And at 5 ― I went to Waterloo Station ― waiting till ˇ[the]6.15 train, wh. brought me to Barnes ― where were Spencer Vincent & Mrs. Prescott’s brother ― Wolstenholme.

We walke to “Clarence.” Mr. P. a hearty gentlemanly man; ― & Decie. ―― Luggage only came at 7.15 ― so dressing was a hurry, & dinner was begun. ―

Dinner good ― but I was shy & stupid. ――

Mrs. P. ― & at 11 ― ᾽ς  τὸ κρεββάτι.[1]


[1] To bed.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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