Friday, 20 June 1862

Gray ― dull ― early: no rain.

Foord came at 8 ― & I paid him £25.0.0.. The Florence & Turin in frames. ― Vincent called. & Capt. & Mrs. Hirsh with 2 ladies, ― coloured penned drawings till 1. ― at 2 ― called on Mr. Whitmore ― out: & the Crakes ― where they wish me to dine to day. Poor Mr. Crakes decay is very gradual, & sad: his mind “seeing all his own mischance,” always clear: but speech is now nearly gone ― & all use of limbs. Yet he may live for months yet.

Edwd. Crake & I then called on the Featherstones’, whom I last saw at Spezia: ― & then Crake came with me. After which I coloured Spezia sketches till 6.

At 6.30 to the Crakes.

There was much pleasant, & sad, ― & instructive in that dinner. M.A.C. went away early ― & (after Mrs. C. left,) Edwd. C. & I talked about the Ἀθανάσιαν Creed &c. &c. ― but he is a true “priest” ― & is worth nil as a thinker. If one says anything broad or wide ― he says ― “you are talking A. Stanley.” ― & so, ― please God ― one would rather talk, than the bosh of Priestdoms. ―

I left at 10.20 ― & soon got a cab & drove to 46. [Berkeley] Sqre. But there was an awning, & so many carriages ― & so I said ― I can’t ― & won’t go. ― & so I walked back to Stratford Place by 10.45. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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