Wednesday, 18 June 1862

Gray ― up to 3. P.M. ― but I suppose rain is to come.

The Morning all went in Foord’s men knocking up some doors &c. ―: ― & in writing letters about the Cedars. Sir J. Simeon came.

Went out at 3 & left cards on Mrs. Mildmay, & Mrs. H. Mildmay, Lord & Lady Ashburton, the Chaworth-Musters, ― Woolff ― Marcoran, ― Julia & Mr. Goldsmid, Mr. Morier, Mrs. Lushington. Met P. [Andre] ― very much aged. ― Called on & saw Mrs. Clive.

(I wrote about the Cedars to A. Stanley, C. Fortescue, W. Lushington, W.F. Gibbs, & Baring. ―)

Returned at 6: & met G. Middleton at the door & he returned with me. Of course it rained in storms from 4 to 6. ―

Coloured one or two pen sketches ― & at 7¼ went to W. Evans’s. I ― not over well or bright.

Dinner party cosi: έτζι κ’έτζι: ― but converse afterwards more better.

Home by 11.30.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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