Tuesday, 17 June 1862

Gray ― dull. Sent 2£ to Webber-Smith.

Worked all the morning in arranging the Garrett for painting.

At 12.30. called on Manby ― & Lady Goldsmid ― Miss Jekyll there ― & Mrs. Goldsmid of Summer Hill. Beautiful house & grounds! ―

Called on Fergusson afterwards.

Out again ― gray cloudy always ― & called on Mrs. Seymour ― (potius aper ―) & at Lady Westbury’s C. Buxton’s ― A. Stanley ― & Mrs. Robinson, whom I found at home, with Mrs. Kynnston & a sister ― sate ― talking variety ― till 6. Then home in the rain.

At 7.30 to T.G. Baring’s. Only little Sissy & Arthur were in the dining room ― making “rose water” ― in wh. occupation I joined. They are very sweet little children. ― Mrs. B. came ― poor lady ― but after a time we got on tolerably ― & I really think she is only silly. But certes her folly is superhorrible.

Dinner ―― all pleasant. & afterwards, in a little room, ― with a fire, ― Mrs. B. also.

A good deal of talk with T.B. who is ˇ[one of] the kindliest & most conscientious men: whom I always liked from the first day I knew him.

Lord Canning died at 6. A.M. ―

(T.G.B. on India ― “a quicksand” ―
Lady G. ― on the subject of a “Companion” abroad. ―)

Rain again ― no end. luckily a cab ― & home by 11.45. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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