Tuesday, 3 June 1862

{Shall I get to Marseille today? ― (29th May)}

“Bedad ― I did.” ― At Marseille by 4. Discovered, about 5 ― that I had lost 7£: a gt. bore. ―

On shore by 6. but with Webber & Bolton to Hotel des Empereurs ― (the Marseille Hotels are odious,) & back to Dogana ― at 7: only my wooden box of drawings spared. ―― Returned to Hotel ― washed & breakfasted ― very badly  & expensively. Then with Major W.S. to the Rail ― by 10. ― & got our luggage weighed, ― going first into the little Cemetery where I was with Charmside 2 ˇ[or 3] years ago. ― Webber-Smith, Bolton & I got a conpèr.: ― but tho’ comparatively comfortable I was seated, & my boles wrong,  ― & awfully irritable. How beautiful is the Rhone line of road!! ―

At Vienne Jones & Thompson were left behind ― but Jones jumped into the window. T. got on  by a sovereign ― by the next train ― wonderful luck. Meanwhile ― about 7 or 8, we were at Lyons, supping badly ― & I fancy I was very angry at the slovenly & hurried state of things. It is difficult to keep such a temper as mine in perfect order during a voyage & hustle of days ― one after another. So I got into a rage.

“After which” ― repenting: ― I got to sleep later. Bolton unwell. Webber-Smith sleeping at the bottom of the Carriage[.]

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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