Tuesday, 27 May 1862

Scirocco ― gray. Rose at 7. ― Breakfast. dawdle. ― No telegram yet from the Vectis. ― Drew a little on the Baracca, but the sun came out & it was too hot. Wandered round the clear-walled-city, & came in at 12. At 1. Lunched, & talk & afterwards a Cigar with an [][1] Armenian, one Vincent M. Aleshân, interpreter &c. to the Court of Judicature at Constantinople, a pleasant fellow. ― Slept till 4.

Went to the Baracca, & drew, piuttosto[2] unmolestedly ― till 7. A vastly beautiful scene is that Senglea.

Came back: dressed ― as far as I can: & at 8 went to Majr. Burke’s. Lo ― the 4th (Miss Burke being the 3rd) was Captn. Arbuckle! ― but he is grown small & withered, & has been in all the China War. Majr. B. seems what the world calls  ― a ‘disappointed’ man ― & said little but Caustic, sarcastic, yet semi-witty Irishisms. Miss B. is [cordially] a gentle nice woman, but suffering from illness ― & ― alquanto, I fancy, ― from her brother’s talk. Quanto a noi[3] ― I could only “talk,” or be “silent.” so, as I thought the latter the least well-bred, I “talked” ― although, generally, bosh.

No music: good dinner. ―

Came away at 10.30 ― or 10.45. ―

Ἐτελειώθησαν ταύτας τᾶς ημέρας.
καἰ ακόμη δὲν παύσομαι τίποτες ― διὰ νὰ ἢμαι ‘ς τό σπίτι μοῦ καὶ ἣσυχος.[4]



[1] Lear has blotted a word, probably a wrong spelling of “Armenian.”

[2] Rather.

[3] As for us.

[4] These days are gone. and still I haven’t stopped at all ― to be at my home, and peaceful (NB).

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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