Sunday, 25 May 1862

Some rolling to & fro in the night, & at 4 it rained & was cloudy. At 5.20 rose ― sea a little rough. We are nearing Malta, & at 6 close to it: I have not been there since Harry L. died: since in 1854 I came away with Fletcher. In harbor by 7. By 8 I had got all my things together, & received back £14.10 of my passage=money. (10/ I had eaten & drunk;) & had taken leave of good & agreable Capt. McArthur. Came to Hotel Imperial had a bath, & an ἔτζι κ’ ἔτζι[1] breakfast, & am now in abeyance as to when I go hence ― by Italian Steamer tomorrow ― viâ Messina & Palermo: by Messageries Imperiales, or by the P. & B. boat on Saturday or Sunday next.

At 11. English church ― thin attendance & abominable performance. Old Clews ½ hour sermon ˇ[(32 minutes)] worse than bad Archdn. Le Mesurier, old one he is ― far the best of the staff.

Afterwards, a good-natured Officer of the 3rd ― shewed me where Legh lived, whom I found at home ― nice & friendly enough, & talked of Harry, Louisa, & F.L. nicely: asking me to dine at 7.30. ―

Back to Inn, lunch: & then to the Club, where I read papers: ― interesting ― but disagreeable dispute between Palgrave & others, on account of P.’s criticisms published by the Internatl. Exh. Higgins, Woolner, Millais, & H. Hunt write ― Daddy’s the best letter of all ― in spirit & sense. The elder Mr. Leake is gone at 90. Home & slept. 6 ― P.M. to the upper Barracca ― wonderfully lovely. 7.20 to Leghs. Little nice boy. Dinner. Mrs. L. her mother  & sister ― (semi Maltese ―) pleasant. Afterwards ― singing. Came away at 11.

Great excitement here about the Papa Rè ― & the Bp. of Malta who has gone to Rome. All the Bp.s are meeting there to choose a new P. says L.

[1] So so (NB)

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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