Friday, 23 May 1862

Rose at 7. Clear & lovely weather. Loading Currants al solito.[1] Breakfast. At 9.30. went ashore with Messrs. Duckworth ― Buckley ― (or Morrison?) Jeffrey & Watson ―― & hiring a carriage ― drove for 3 hours in a giro[2] on the the [sic] Island ― most exquisite little place it is! We stopped at Count Lanzi’s house & garden & went over the latter ― where the Pomegranates were delicious. Arrived at Zante city, I left my [][3] companions, & went to see Lindsay ― whom, with a nice ladylike wife & little boy it was a pleasure to see. He was always a most hospitable fellow. Came aboard at 2 P.M. Dawdled till 4. ―

Dinner, alquanto hurried. At 5 ― we are about to go. Wonderful “pouring forth” of beauty & evening light! sunshine in these lands!! ― If one could but put away that early deeply=graven idea frivolous idea of “settling”! ―― Or rather ― could one but have the power to decide whether bight color or atmosphere & search after knowledge are to be weighed against the chances (or certainties,) of later colder years of age & want & bad climate? ――

― if, ― following those ―― these should straightway be forsworn? ― The elder Woodley ― agent-fat-friendly ― now permeates the ship & says “Ta-ta!” ― to all ― obsequious kindly.

Somehow however, I fancy I shall try to leave this ship at Malta, as their goings seem so very uncertain as to time. 5.15. we are off: to go by the S. East side of Zante, ― wh. was very pretty, Κεφαλόνια being seen over the flat parts of the plain. Later, a bank of cloud gave fear of a windy night ― but ˇ[but] no wind came. Supper at 9. Bed at 10. Slept tolerably but boles are all wrong.


[1] As usual.

[2] Tour.

[3] One word I cannot read.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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