Thursday, 22 May 1862

Rose at 6 ― 6.30. No use in going upstairs among the slop & moppyness of cleaning. Cargo being taken in, in vast crowds of currant-barrels. The beauty of Zante! & the morning is clear & bright beyond words! ― Chiarenza too, & the unvisited Elis & Arcadia opposite! ―― If I had “money” now & were quiet of all care, methinx I could go ahead with the greatest delight, ― increasing age having nothing to do with one’s discomforts. Breakfast, & afterwards walked up & down. Found 11 ― Lady V. on deck: & then the Captain, who ― woe is me! ― says “we can’t go to day ―” as they bring the Cargo so slowly. So another day goes, & I murmur & am irritated, ― but less than might be. Lunch. Ἔπειτα, walking again, & converse, at 4 dinner. Capt. McArthur dining with us, & conversation pleasant ― for tho’ the main lot of the party are vile, the Capt. is an extremely gentlemanly  pleasant man. After “the Ladies” ― i.e. Lady Βαλσαμάκι & Miss McNeile left ― various Zante merchants came, a Count Φλαμπουριάρι among others. From these I learned that “Lindsay” is here still ― but Edward Simpson is dead. I will go to see L. tomorrow. 7.30. They are all gone off in a boat: ― I, more peaceable & quiet than I had expected to be. Supper & converse, & bed at 10.30. ―


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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