Friday, 9 May 1862

Slept well. No fleas. G. is in anteroom. Rose at 4.30 coffee. Off 5.30 ― with G. & a guide, Dimitri. Heavy mist on all places ― plain & hills: wild paths, & flat desert-like spots: sandy walk by seaside.

Inland to S. Procopius ― a picturesque little monastery. beautiful olives. Hills near Sea, Capo Bianco[.] Solitary. Goats & dogs ― capo bianco ― drew. Mantis. fine ravine. ― At monastery of Ἀκροδείλιον by 9.30. Wonderful grove of Cypresses: drew a good deal: lovely day. Lunch. & drew ―. At 2 ― after various sketches began to go homeward. Walked down the hill, [][1]. By beautiful [][2] ― to Ἄ Προκόπιος ― a wonderfully pretty specimen of rural Gk. Monastery. To the sea thence, & bathed, & so by sand & hilly undulations ― back to Μελίχια to the Casa Κυροῦ by 6. This house & family reminds me of Abruzzi days. Dr. Samuelli dined, & nothing could be more pleasant than the whole matter ― save that they asked me to eat too much.

However I was too tired to be as polite as I ought to be. Bed at 9.30. The Dr. goes to town tomorrow.


[1] Several words have been struck out.

[2] Unreadable place name.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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