Monday, 24 March 1862

Perfect calmness & brightness all day.

Slept ― for a wonder ― the first for many a night: in the room next to study.[1]

Worked at Jánina ― till 1. when the Maude noises began, & drove me away. ―

Sent 3 green frogs & 2 Trap Spiders to Mrs. Naylor. It grieves me to see so little of Miss Goldsmid ― but what else can I do?

At 2.30 ― Letters from F.L. ― & William Lushington ― both delightful: the latter particularly, ― & unexpected ― also from Dickenson, ― the 2 pictures were in the Exhibition International.

“Sta a veder”[2] ― as Giovannino the good used to say.

Went to Ascension at 3, & drew in those wondrous olive-groves till 6.15. ― Golden sunset. ―

Home by 7.15. Dined at 7.35.

Penned out till 10.30.

Letter writing out of the question ― yet if one had but a days ― a whole day’s quiet!! ―

Karalambi is better.


[1] This paragraph appears after the next one, circled and connected to this position by an arrow.

[2] Wait and see.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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