Thursday, 30 January 1862

Rainy mist ― early, cleared at 12.

Worked a little at Corfu ― A. Translated some of A.P.S. Eastern church.

Letter, & paper, & F.L. poems by Alex.ra steamer.

The letter contained

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Lushington’s cards.

The Corfu (A.) went on very tolerably.

Kind note from Mrs. Decie: ― the Decies inviting me every Sunday: ― particularly good & kind, ― since they are wholly free from want of any visitors.

At 4 ― Lord Ernest Bruce ― a bore ― & his son.

At 5 ― walked by the Kokali house ― Χριστὸς is better ― & back by 6 to, Hotel St. George. ―

Sate awhile with Miss J.G. ― & Mrs. Naylor. At 7 ― home. Dined. After which, Maudes 6 dogs below annoyed me horribly: ― &, wishing to retreat to bed ― the drain began again ― so I grew half crazy with disgust, & hustled the bed mattress onto the west room floor ― sitting to fisnish the Καλαμὰ drawing in a rage. ―

10.30 ― I really half resolve to pack up all, & finish what I can in London: ― going a tour in the Islands till it is time to go back. It does not seem possible to exist here. ―

Vedremo dimani.[1]


[1] We shall see tomorrow.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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