Friday, 27 December 1861

Turin half day.

Warmer ― & quite fine! ˆ[nearly] all snow gone off Salvador ― & the sun nearly all day.

9.15 ― to 1. Worked at Turin[.] ― Afterwards ― 2 skies of Philæ & Olympus.

Then Col. Maude came in.

Afterwards Bolland & his sister ― all which unsettled me: nevertheless I did a little of Butrinto foreground.

At 5 ― to 6.15. Penned out a small Janina sketch: 6.15. wash brushes & dress.

7. Dined ‘upstairs’ with the Maudes. Col. M. ― Mrs. M. & her brother ― (who seems a sort of p caste?) Dinner & “entourages” ― not good, or well ordered. ― All extremely “Irish.” ―

Yet Col. M. used to go to breakfast at Shrewsbury House, & asks if there was not a “very pretty daughter ― Sara, & also one, less pretty but very nice, Lucy?”

ἡτον, μὲ φαίνεται. ((The was, I think (NB).))

Came down at 9.15 ― & penned out again till 10.50. ― ossia ((Or rather.)) 11. at the last of the Jánina drawings here.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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