Wednesday, 30 October 1861

Exceedingly lovely till noon ― then cloudier, but fine.

Out on the Terrace at 9. Breakfast. Mrs. Galton is not altogether pleasant, ― tho’ civil to me. ―

Shewed Julian drawings. ― Talked a great deal with Lady G. who grows as it were sensibly.

Sir F. & I walked out from 12.12 to 1.15.

Then Lunch: & Miss Rowen came also.

At 2.45 left these accomplished & truly kindly & agreable people ― & came by rail to town at 5.20 ― to Stratford Pl. at 6.

Found letters from
1 Jessy Foy ― asking to dine.
2 E.A. Drummond: ― very nice.
3 Whitmore, (about a frame stand.)
4 Lord Clermont ― very kind.
5 Maclean: ― extremely satisfactory & good.
6 Lady Georgiana Grey ― kind as always ― asking me to dine on Sunday.
7 R.S. Boswell: acknowledging receipt of half 10£ note. ― and
8 Taylor of Corfu ―.

Bought Canphor & packed Carpets ― & at 7.30 dined. ――

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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