Saturday, 31 August 1861

Villa Petraja. 7.

One of those perfect cloudless calm days ― only known in Autumn here. A wonderful loveliness if one could but enjoy it, from sunrise to starlit night. Rose at 6 & painted till 8. Kind note from Janet Hunt. ― Newspaper ― & then pretty regular work all over the Petraja till 4. ― But it is not, & cannot be a very satisfactory picture. ― Letter from J.B. Edwards ― vague. & Ellen, enclosing one from poor R. Boswell, in a wretched state. 10£ must be sent to him at once.

Dined on 4 small Vitins, & 2 smaller taters. Immediately after, began to work on Dead Sea, & did a good deal of the tree. At 7.15 ― walked al solito on the parade: a crowd near Hastings, so turned back. ―

A very queer weary week. Of letters written, & answered

Lady Bethell Westbury answered  9th. 25th ――        9th Sept.
Gussie Bethell answered                 3rd. 25th ――       3rd
John Cross ――――――                9th. 25th ―――    9th
James Hornby ―――――              25th ――――      ――
S. Clowes answered ―― 6th ―        25th ――              6th
S. Street answered 2nd ――            27th ――              2nd
Mrs. Bergmann answered 6 ―       28th ―――          6th
C. Church ――――――                25th                      ――
Mrs. Clive answered 2nd ―            25th ―――          2nd
Mrs. Empson ―― 5th ―                 25th ―――          5
Holman Hunt answered 6 ―         25th ―                  10, 6 all are yet unanswered
J. Lacaïta ― 10 ――                        25 ―――            10

M.A. Crake sent an invitation to a pic nic to day! ― I think I see myself there!!!!

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]


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