Sunday, 25 August 1861

Rose at 8 ― shameful! ― Bright morning & day throughout, but windy, & noisy sea.

Wrote all the day ― 14 letters.

1 Lady Bethell ― Westbury
2. Gussie Bethell.
3 Mrs. Clive
4 C.M. Church.
5 S.W. Clowes.
6 J. Edwards.
7 Mr. Edwards
8 Holman Hunts
9 Edgar Drummond
10 John Cross.
11 James Hornby.
14 Mrs. G. Scrivens

& posted all at 6. ― Then went up to Mr. Crakes. Good old Mr. C. wanes fast. ― Mrs. Hamilton is there ― & M.A.C. ― & Mrs. C. ― I went to look over Van’s house, but returned to dine. Mary Ann C.’s behavior to her mother is certainly at times horrid. ― The children are nice enough. ― After dinner, Mr. C. talked of Sicily “Girgenti &c.” ― as clearly as if it were last year he had gone there ― not 1841. ― Later, V.C. came in ―: & poor Mr. C. slept. Sad universal sadness of decay! Alike for all! ――

A sudden death I think is best. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

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